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our name meaning,

ego eimi (Ancient Greek: ἐγώ εἰμί Greek pronunciation: [eɡɔ̌ː eːmí])

"I am", "I exist", is the first person singular present tense of the verb "to be" in ancient Greek.

In Greek, the words recorded in John 8:58 are "'prin abraam genesthai ego eimi." Literally, this is "Before Abraham was existing, I am." "Ego eimi" is literally, "I am." This is the present tense. To say "I have been" is to use the perfect tense. - Thanks, Wikipedia

Ego Eimi is something we all contain and connects us all. 

Even though we are all individuals, we share "I AM" making us all unique yet all united in ONE.


why we are here,

Assurance.. in one word. Assurance that our family and loves ones got results from they're products. Simple. 


Using the most essential and effective ingredients to maximize benefits.

Our products are intended to 'hit as many birds with the least amount of stones' 

Our story could be shortened to one quote. 

'Health is the wealth of life' 

Our core values seek to bring you with the best products for your body.

simple and earthly..

natural and organic..

cultivating wealth with health!


Join the family.

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