Best Uses of Elysian

Elysian is an all-natural organic skin care product intended to be as multi-purpose as possible. Ranging from age defying, burn healing, to lip balm and meditative effects.

Here are the top 18 uses!

1. Outstanding Moisturizer:

Elysian is a great moisturizer, leaving the skin smooth and silky. Those are the advantages of all-natural and organic skin care.

2. Age Defying:

One of the best uses by far. People love Elysian’s natural and organic skin nutrition with powerful age defying ingredients like frankincense, lavender and aloe vera it's not wonder how it turns back the clock! Use nightly for best results.

3. Heal Burns:

Elysian’s powerful ingredients like aloe vera and lavender soothe the irritated skin. Making the healing process speedy and less hurtful.

4. Lip Balm:

Dry or chapped lips? Elysian’s all-natural ingredients soothe and nourish the lips, to get immediate relief and make sure they are protected for the coming days.

5. Meditation:

Best places to use: wrists, forehead, temples and behind ears. Elysian’s powerful meditative aid helps get into deeper states of relaxation and meditation. Frankincense and lavender used for thousands of years, known to uplift the spirit. Rub into areas for best effects.

6. Acne:

Another outstanding use, skin care for acne. Going to the base of the problem, nourishing the skin, with powerful active ingredients frankincense, lavender and aloe vera.. this sort of formula greatly combats acne.

7. Eczema and Psoriasis:

People have found it very helpful in treating such skin disorders. Applying twice daily works best to normalize and revitalize the skin. Use twice per day for best effects.


8. Rashes:

Wake up rashes? Bites? That's okay, Elysian has your back. Relieving the skin from discomfort and bringing relaxation leaving the skin protected! Use immediately noticed.

9. Cuts and Scrapes:

No question Elysian can help. With its anti-bacterial and inflammatory effects it can be used reduce risk of infection, as well to close small wounds and speed the healing process of scraped skin.

10. Fading Scars:

Unwanted scars? Elysian’s all-natural powerful ingredients can take on the task of vanishing that scar. Frankincense and coconut oil make it easy to balance skin tone. Rub in for deep penetration.

11. Cracked Elbows and Heels:

Climate change can take a toll on the skin, especially elbows and heels. But it's okay, Elysian’s nutrient rich formula make an easy choice to healing extreme dry and chapped skin.

12. Massage Balm:

Sore muscles? Twitchy eye? Or nerve that won’t calm down? Elysian is your friend. Use as needed, rub in deeper to sore muscles. Powerful ingredients like lavender and frankincense are known to balance, calm and restore the uncomfortable ares.

13. Post Sun Tan:

Got sun? A perfect way to seal in the nutrition from the sun is Elysian! With restoring and traditionally use ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil, it's an easy choice to making your skin feel amazing.

14. Post Tattoo Care:

Got ink? Awesome! Well Elysian is your best friend, helping nourish, seal and protect the skin. Use lightly and leave a thin layer for best results.

15. Hair Conditioner:

Dry hair? One of the lesser known uses, since Elysian is all-natural, the body loves the universal ingredients that can enhance your hair. Rub onto hands first, use lighty.

16. After Shave:

Shaving leave your skin sensitive? Perfect time to take advantage of Elysian with its calming, nourishing, protective qualities. Your facial skin with definitely thank you.

17. Eye Cream:

Dry or sensitive around the eyes? People have found that using Elysian is without question safe around the eyes, but also nourishes and protects.

18. Makeup Remover:

Not a commonly known use, but make sure to take advantage of it. Elysian is mainly oil based, so therefore it can remove other oils. Leaving a smooth and silky surface with high nutrients.

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